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Welcome to Real World, created by NBM Studios! In this game, players are thrust into a 3D world of danger and excitement. As a blind person, you must use your other senses and quick reflexes to navigate the environment and take down your enemies. With a variety of weapons at your disposal, including wands for casting spells, you can hunt other players and animals, as well as dragons. If you're lucky enough to defeat the fearsome dragon, you will be rewarded with valuable items and TL (the currency used in the game). But beware, the dragon will re-spawn in 30 minutes, giving other players the chance to challenge it.
In addition to the intense player-vs-player combat, the game also offers a variety of missions and challenges to complete. You can rob banks and palaces, stealing valuable items and earning extra TL. You can also take on mafia missions and kill gangsters to earn even more rewards. And, as you progress through the game, you can even purchase your own hotel and use it as a base of operations. With a dynamic and constantly changing world, no two games are ever the same.
But the adventure doesn't stop there. In Real World, players can also team up with friends and from clans to take on even more challenging missions and quests. And for players who want to take their gameplay to the next level, we offer a range of paid items and paid accounts that can give you an even greater advantage in battle. You can even create tickets to request new features or report bugs, and marry other players if you choose. Whether you prefer to go it alone or fight alongside your clan, the choice is yours. Join the adventure and see if you have what it takes to survive in this thrilling game for the blind!

Game Server Message

double credit is now active, take advantage of it!
If you want to buy RW credits or a paid activation key from the RW marketplace, visit our store.
We would like to inform you that we have updated the bank system. The map has also been changed, so feel free to explore it on your own.
Additionally, we have revamped the money system. From now on, any transaction made through bank sales will have the tax go directly to the bank's chest. For example, if you put one health potion for 100 TLs, the tax, which is 5% of the item's price, will be deposited into the bank's chest. So, if you put one health potion for 100 TLs, 5 TLs will go to the bank's chest.
Attention Players: No Delay!
Adjust settings to optimize your gaming experience:
- Uncheck "CPU throttling"
- Check the "Cache Audio" section.
- Save the settings and log in to the game. This will fix all performance issues.
Join Our Community!
Stay connected and help grow our player base by joining our Telegram group:
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Happy gaming! šŸŽ®šŸ’« .

Server changes

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recent changes
Now you can cancel your proposal/transaction in the transaction menu.
If you have worn the gas mask and transferred it to a player, the gas mask will no longer be worn on you.
Fixed the problem that if a clan is established on a map with a high level, players with low levels will be on that map when they leave the clan.
Now you dont need to use robbing clothes box for robbing the bank. It's removed, you can rob the bank without clothes.
Now you have to use gas mask when you uunder of the water. You can purchase it from misc store.
You will not pay takses for one item to the sale bank, you will pay all each item's takses.
Fixed animals not being hitting the players.
Decreased timing of the wedding ring. Now you can teleport to your partner in 10 seconds.
added super bike in rw shop. This bike go 30 tiles and it will be riding faster than normal bike.
Now, those who leave the phone on and quickly buy the items that sale_bot puts will no longer be able to receive them quickly.
The health of the monster on the secret_passages map has been set to 100000000000, also this monster will not attack you.
secret_passage map has been added. To go to the map, you can go to 0 500 0 from the dark_way map. Level 46000 is required to enter the map.
You will now pay 1 wip_card when entering the dark_way map, and you will now only have to go to the dragon map to access the dark_way map.
Now you can check sale history about your items with sale menu nbm pro phone or nbm phone.
A level limit has been added to the dark_way map. If you reach level 10000, you can enter the first cave and the dark_way map.
now paid mines will hit who near to 10 tiles from mines
You will hear a sound when you receive gift in team talk.
Real World's Team Talk server is now open! You can join our Team Talk server and receive great gifts every hour. Regular gift events have been closed; you will no longer receive super boxes or TL. If you are on Team Talk, you will receive gifts. To create an account on our Team Talk server, you can create your account through NBM Phone or NBM Pro Phone.. After creating your account with phone, you will see the server informations. And also, If you want to see your password for team talk account, press shift l. Your nickname on the Team Talk server is not important because it only needs to match the username of your game character with the name of your Team Talk account. Have fun!
The amount of TL given by dragons in caves has been increased.
step of dark_way map set to 10000
Added a new maps! You can access to the map in dragon map. Enjoy.
We put thousand level box in misc store for two hours. Enjoy.
Now you will pay %5 taks for sale bank. For example, if you put an item for 100 tl, you will pay 5 tl to the sale bank.
now you can not write below 20 tl in sale bank when put a item
Now you will be notified player name when they purchased your item in sale bank.
now you will not see your name in sale bank menu.

Nbm studios potion expir time increased to 45 minutes
Now grenade hits more dammage.
Now when you will divorce, you will pay 100000000 tl.
Added super wip card, who want to increase level more faster, they can purchase it in rw market. Before, normal wip card gives between 100000 300000 xp, now super wip card gives between 300000 600000. Enjoy.
Super box tl gift increased paid players between 25000, 35000, normal free players for between 10000 20000
Now you can hit mines with weapons.
Now you will hear a beep sound from paid mines when you near to them.
Now paid mines will be automatical corrupt after one hour.
Now players limited to put 10 paid mines.
Rename, rank change card, gender change card, those items will able to purchase at rw market anymore.
Now iron mission tl revard increased.
Now sale bot will put more item in short time.
Now every 25 minute you get tl increased to 100000 to 300000
Now free accounts will get 1 to 5 super box, paid accounts 6 to 9 super box.
Now when you rob the bank you will get tl between 10000000 from to 13000000
Fixed npcs not spawn sometimes.
Increased prices in store.
Added few sounds to arena.
fixed nthat when you get back your item in sale bank you will lost.
added living land map. In this map, you can collect more tls by killing the npcs. And also you will give 2 wip card to go to that map. If you want to go to that map, you can use special teleporter by paying 2 wip card, or you can directly go to beautifull palace at coordinate 150 150 2 and pay 2 wip card. Enjoy.
Now thousand level box between 25000 45000
added big_loader_of_sako_trg42. With this sako_trg42 ammo capacity will be 3.
Now below xp 200000 clans will not get dammaged.
Now with nbm pro phone able to see clan health in clan section.
thousand level box item is now back for above level 30000 to 45000. If you are below level 30000 you can not use or if you above 45000 you can not use. You can get this box from the rw market. I know the price will be expensive but dont forget that you want to increase level easy.
now If a clans xp lower than 200000 the members in the clans will not able to attack a clan.
Now If someone mute a player, that muted player no longer transfer item to him.
Now you can build own your map in safe zone. Go to at 15 0 0, and use build your map button. But you will pay 50 rw credit due to escape from spams. If you build a beautifull map for the game, we will put and use for the game and give you revards.
Now If someone is pvp and they will not able to get the tl when the clan base destroy.
Added a new map cold_cave. In this map, per 10 minute a bear spawns, when you kill the bear, you will get 500 mana. You can go to the cave_map in the forest at 500 0 0.
Fixed npc bug not attacking players sometimes.
You will receive notification when arena will over per every minute.
added limitation time for arena. When arena start, after 10 minute arena will be over automatical.
Now per 90 seconds clan base able to shoot with bazooka.
Added a new eapon name called sako_trg_42. With this weapon, you can hit anything around 100000000 to 300000000. Also shield will be ignored, so one shoots can kill player easly.
Per 5 minutes able to use wedding ring anymore.
Now who are not in the clan not able to attack any clan.
Increased clan bazooka dammage.
Now you are not able to put more than 200 plastic bomb.
Now when you mute someone, you will also not notified by mentions or map messages.
fixed grenade when someone is not pvp mode but able to grenade hit another players.
Fixed bullets passest the walls
Now when you turn on your pvp, your health will be not attached to 5000
nbm studios potion price increased.
Ice grenade timing and stunning to animals changed. Now you can use ice grenade more fast.
Added paid evil box to the rw market. With this box, you can up to save 500000 evil, and each box will give 2000 evil.
now broken keys for dungeon can be converted to normal key with 5 broken key.
Dungeon map added! This map provides you with the opportunity to earn more TL. You can kill creatures in different cells and sections to earn TL at high levels. The entrance path of the map is located at coordinates 208 82 2 in the palace, and you can also teleport with a special teleporter. You will need to spend 1 WIP card to enter the map, don't forget. Have fun!
Now clan base machinegun and clan base bazooka will more hit dammage.
now who have ticket creation problem please change your name and change back again to your old name. You will no longer occur the same problem
m10 sometimes damage more health to the clan base
Tl items will be not destroyed by weapons and also rw credit
Now sometime m10 will hit clan base more.
Now If someone enter the arena but If one player joined and If the arena canceled tl will give back
Now If the clan base have magic protecter, plastic bomb will get 50%0 of health, for example, If one plastic bomb take 100000000 health, If have protecter, will take 50000000
Now your banka ccount will be not closed If you attack bank protecters or rob the bank
now weapons able to destroy items
The arena system has changed; now the game doesn't give you TL, Who entering the arena now pay 1000000 TL, and for example, if 5 people enter the arena and the winner will receive 5000000 TL.
Now who left or join to the channel, also publiced to say everyone the current channel name
Now s1897 more shoots fast
Now you can look someone with look command. For example, look arnold
Now admins / developers will be not listed in scoreboard
Now clans health will be 10000000000 for first begun
Now you can ask item without problem. You dont need to choose any item in your inventory.
changed transfer system, now you have to send proposal to a player for transfer item and other person has to accept it, and now you can send multiple items to them and optionaly get some items from them for the items you send to them, or you can get items from them without giving anything to them, first when you open the send proposal menu your inventory is shown, select an item press enter, then the player list opens you will select which player you want to send proposal to here, then you will enter how much of this item you want to transfer, after that your inventory will be shown again you can send multiple items to them, press enter on any item and type amount, and your inventory willl again show, if your done queuing items click next, other persons inventory opens, here you can optionaly take things from their inventory in exchange to the items you will give, select an item press enter enter amount, the inventory menu will reopen, when your done, click next and the proposal is sent, other person can accept it or refuse it from transfer proposals section, also you are not required to take things exchange of the things you wil give, just click next when the players inventory shows, also you can take things from them without giveing anything to them, just click next when your inventory shown.
Added plastic_bonded_explosive and plastic_bonded_explosive_remote. With those items, If you place plastic_bonded_explosive to any ground, 100 tiles away clans will get dammage 100000000, animals get dammage 100000000. And player who near to 100 tiles to plastic_bonded_explosive die with one bomb. You can purchase the remote controller and the plastic_bonded_explosives from the rw market. And also when you offline and ofline still you can explode them.
now when something hits your laser protection, you will lost 20 protection.
Now polyjuice potion and eliksir of power takes 5000 mana
Now partners will not able to hit their partner with weapon.
Added new map. You can kill the sharks and get more tl there. To go to that map, go to ocean, and go to 500 0 0 and shift enter.
Fixed that clan machinegun and bazooka not able to see who near to the clan base.
One level box using now 1950
Paid mines are activated, and modified. There will be not beep anymore. If you near the mine 0 step, mine will explode instantly. And there will be not beep for mine.
Now you can see health, thirst and hungering, and level of the player you watch.
Clan machinegun range increased to 80.
Now clan base can see 100 steps when pressing p in clan machinegun or clan bazooka.
Fixed alerting wrong clan base when someone attack.
Now you can watch your friends, go to at Add or remove a friend, or watch, and press a player, and press watch button.
Removed running fast with cigarettes. It'll be added for the next version.
If someone get some warning, they will not able to change his name before administration team remove his warn. He must kindly ask to the administration team with ticket.
Now the administration team will warn you with the penalty level before giving you a penalty. The maximum penalty level is 5, so if you receive a penalty at level 5, you will be banned.
Now when you buy something from the sale bank, people also will notified you purchased who is the owner of the item.
Fixed that when clan guns are hit to player and players abusing to the safe mode.
Now you need to wait 1 minute for go safe mode again.
Decreased pricess in the addictive store
now cigarette increases health.
Using unlimited locators haven, it tells you when the NPCs on the map will appear or information about the NPCs on the map.
Now animals saves when the server restarts.
Now you can see gas percentage of the zippo by pressing shift l.
Added zippo. With this lighter, you can fire a cigarette. Press enter it, and press enter to cigarette, but you must close the zippo fast, otherwise it will explode. You can purchase it from the addictive items section in store.
Added zippo gas booster to fill your zippo gas. You can purchase it from the addictive items section in store.
Added cigarette. With cigarette, you can run faster for 1 minute. You can purchase it from the addictive items section in store.
Now per 5 minutes, you will receive a system question in wip map, its just a simple dialog, after you press enter it you can normaly play the game. This thing added because of we want to block scripters or macros. In the next version, this will not need to come anymore, we will completely fix it.
knife dammage increased
Now you can hold the control key to use knife without pressing one time by one time
Now you will not able to transfer unlimited_locators_haven to someone, or can not put in to sale bank.
wip card pay tl changed to 5000000 from to 2000000
Added unlimited_locators_haven. You will not lost every time you use this item, new features will come soon to this item.
Locators haven removed, and who bought it before, they will get 2500000 tl for per locators haven.
Now when someone purchase credit, people will not see it.
Now clan members not able to hit their clan base.
You will now receive a reward when you destroy clan. For example, if a clan's xp is 1000, you will receive 1000000 TL. If clan have 100000 xp, you will get 100000000 TL.
Fixed creating clan base on a travelpoint
Now when a clan is created, it will put a zone to the clan's coordinates in its map.
Fixed error in mine.
Now when you press f2, if there is no animal in your map, it will tell you rather than opening a menu.
mention on/off option added, press o
Food from pizza restaurant now reduces thirst and hunger
Hotell rooms are back with few changes, now not random number, you can learn who is the owner of the map when you press f1
Now when you use wip card, you have a new private map where you can kill monsters alone, and for this you will pay 5000000 tl anymore
fixes the creating a clan base zero tiles meter on a clan base.
Now when the ticket you've open before got updated, you'll be notified also with mail.
Now you will able to put something from the trashcan, but make sure that you put the garbage items, not the important items, it will not return you back, this is your responsibility, to put something from the trashcan, go to at 40 40 0 in safe zone.
Creating, unofficial maps and editing maps is disabled.
Straw givin health increased to 10000
M16 name changed to m10 machinegun.
Added a new channel free channel. In this channel, you can insult, no reports will be applied for it. And also, if someone in the free channels write your name about something in, you will be not notified, mentioned.
Tryed to reduce to lag of the weapons
Now sales have timer, if someone will not buy anything from sales bang within 24 hours, the item will back to the sales owner.
Added disable or enable clan attack and alarm notifications, so when you disable clan notifications for feel not confortable, you can disable now clan notifications and if your clan attack notifications is on you will be notified
Added enable or disable tl messages.
Added illegal police building area, in main2, 50, 50, 0, The police inside are illegal police. These police officers were dismissed from their duties and became deep into the mafia. They are very powerful and rich
Ocean changed to the new thing, in 0 0 0 you can go down, in 0 0 -50 you can go up.
Added disable or enable arena notifications in game settings menu by pressing o
Decreased ice grenade range, and enabled use ice grenades from ocean again.
Added a map where you can resolve questions and earn tls. Go to game room, and go 50 50 0 and shift enter. Easy category you will earn 1000 tl, medium 5000, hard 10000. You need to give one token for the each questions.
Remove item breaking when shoots with a weapon.
Added locators haven in store in magic items section. With this item, you can able to see some of the maps who there.
Now you will able to disable or enable receiving xp messages by pressing o.
Now alove 2000 level lists in level board.
Fixed getting much gifts with the same time..
Gholions are back, in wizard, not health potion, life booster giving for give 5 dead gholions.
Added daily gift, in game settings by pressing o. Every day you will able to get your gift by pressing this.
one level box item use decreased to below level 1000
now who level above 2000 able to use wip card
decreased prices in rw market for some items.
Added level board, who have top level you can see in game options by pressing o.
Just not the chat sound, and also a notification alert will send you when someone mention about you.
Added wip card. With this item, you will able to go to the wip map for kill the creatures and gain more xp! You can purchase this wip card from rw market, with paying 2 rw credit. When you use this item, you will be moved to the wip map, but you can leave from the wip map with the expiration times still goes. By pressing o and press to go to wip map button, again move you to the wip map. And also, you can able to see the expiration time in static menu by pressing shift l. The card expiration time is 30 minute. Enjoy!
Changed paid tl pack tl giving 10000000 to 100000000
Now, when rebooting the server, the administration team will need to specify a time interval and write the reason for the server restart.
Now you will be able to buy popcorn and cookies from the oven in any quantity you want.
If a player mentions your name in the general chat, a message will appear in the chat buffer.
A potion called satiety_serum has been added, this potion will reset your thirst and hunger. You can buy it from the drinks and potions section of the store.
Now you can remove your friends from your friends list even when they are offline.
The option to go back to your old map will use 50 magic potions instead of 1
Now you will pay 10000 TL to use the wedding ring.
A new map has been added, you can access the new map from the new world section. There is a jellyfish on the new map that will give you high levels of TL.
Increased glock 17 pistol dammage and price, so everyone lost their glock 17 pistol from the bag
Fixed the bug where NPCs could not hit players at coordinates 0 0 0.
Paid mines are no longer worth clan members.
You will now be able to teleport to your friend via phones. You will have to pay 500000 TL for this.
Arena added. You will be able to enter the arena with the arena command, and the arena will start after 30 seconds. You need to pay 50000 TL to enter the arena, and the players who support you can bet on you by typing the bet name and amount, so both you and the person you bet on will earn more TL.
Adding the Black Magic Maker mission, you can collect 50 pieces of black magic crystal, sell them to the Black Magic Maker, and he will give you a reward of 5000000tl. You will find him in a dark cave with coordinates 0 0 -50. I left exploring the path to you and your skills as part of the challenge.
Added a new strong weapon name called m16machinegun. With this machinegun, you can attack faster and hit more dammage to the clans. One loader make lost 200000000 health of the base, and you can kill someone easly. You can purchase it in real world market.
You can now sell all animal corpses you get in the store
added bazooka to the clan you can use it by going to clan weapon explosive armor room at 80, 80, 70.
Now the clan machine gun and bazooka missiles do not affect clan members.
The hotel map has been changed, and all rooms have been deleted. You must buy the room again and enjoy the new room, computer to manage your room at office 0 50 20 , the door password is same your name.
The clan event map is back! Now you can go 0 0 -50 in main map and go to clan event and kill gorillas and collect clan_base_health boosters!
Now when you disable the pvp mode your health will not be full.
The paid weapon, the gouse pistol, can now be purchased from the store.
Added new gift for the levels.
2000 level for 2000000 tl, 50 life boosters, and 50 shields.
2500 level, 5000000 tl, 100 life boosters, 100 shields.
3000 level, 100 shields, 100 life boosters, 5000000 tl, and 10 rw_credit.
4000 level, 5000000 tl, 100 life boosters, 100 shields, and 20 rw credit.
5000 level, 100 shields, 100 ife boosters, 5000000 tl, 20 rw credit.
6000 level, 5000000 tl, 100 life boosters, 100 shields, 20 rw credit.
7000 level, 10 rw credit.
8000 level, 5 rw credit.
9000 level 5 rw credit.
10000 level 5 rw credit.
If your tickets are updated when you are no longer in the game, you will receive a notification when you enter the game.
Now you will able to sell dead goat from dead items in store.
Fixed walking on air in the Dark Cave
Added an option in notification and privacy section able to disable or enable receiving calls from players.
Fixed item transfer
Added the Dark Cave mission, you can enter via the xp map
Big Cat now don't give a bunch of shit anymore, instead they will give a dead big cat
Decreased ammo prices on store.
After 24 hours, sale items will return back to the owner. Now all sales has returned to owner due to cluttering sale items.
Now If a clan base has magic protection, it will hit between 40000 and 80000, the range is 50, about non clan magic protections its divided by 2
Now if clan base have magic protection, weapon will hit %50 less dammage.
Now clan protection is definitely changed.
Now you will able toh ear a track sound when someone tracks you. ANd his name.
Clan base health booster price decreased.
Fixed mute system.
Now you will able to increase of max member count in clans. The maximum of the members will now 30, but default is 20. YOu will pay 5000000 TL for increase a slot.
Now you will able to track an animal. Press f2 and choose an animal and pressing k shows you the animal coordinate and how many meters away from you.
Fixed not giving clan xp
A new melee weapon has been added in to store. Machete.
Buffer deleting system is deactived for some reason.
Now taser stun the people from 40 range.
Now items on the ground are breakable. You can destroy it with your weapon.
Rewroted the ammo system again. To get your ammos back, just press enter an ammo so you will get them back.
Increased shield price and life booster price
now you can drink the life booster even you fight with people.
Shield system changed. Even If your shield got broken you can wear the shield.
All shields deleted from everyone inventory and gived tl to the who have shield for each shield 100 tl.
Rewrited and changed the safe zone.
Removed boost shield and boost health in paid accounts.
Added call in phone. Each people can make call, with nbm phone and nbm pro phone. Nbm phone required 500000 tl for make call. We still working on it, but you can use it right now. If people dont have nbm phone or nbm pro phone, in calling menu they will not be visible.
lasercannon ammo increased to 10.
Horses are back.
Paid mines are back.
When someone create an account in game, we give more tls for our new beginner players.
Now fists not hit the shield, it has stunning people and hit sound changed.
A confirmation question has been added to the delete map button in the builder menu.
goats are back for xp map
fixed king arnold bug
reduced shooting time for nbm 269 pistol n and kalashnikov_rifle
added arnold world map teleportation in special teleporter menu
Animals will hit now 50% less damage
Now magic potion will not work for some maps.
In event map, grenade hits higher dammage.
Added an area where you can get credit! arnold world! First, you must go phoenix mountain in new world map. In phoenix mountain, I mean where the phoenix spawns, press j and you will see coordinates for go to arnold_world. Let me explain you arnold_world.
The Royal Fortress of King Arnold.
This formidable fortress commands attention with its quartet of imposing towers, each strategically positioned in cardinal directions: the southwestern tower, the northwestern tower, the southeastern tower, and the northeastern tower.
Stepping foot within the hallowed grounds of this citadel demands the utmost vigilance. The elite Royal Guard stands as an unwavering bulwark, their unwavering duty being to safeguard the stronghold. Furthermore, a network of electrified barriers forms an additional layer of security.
Your daring incursion shall commence with the identification and mastery of the power stationā€”a veritable linchpin in your mission. Scaling its heights, you will then embark on a daring leap of faith, springing nimbly onto the southeastern tower. From there, a methodical and covert maneuver shall ensue as you traverse through the labyrinthine layout, making your way to the southwestern tower and subsequently the northwestern tower. A breathtaking leap from the well-guarded armory shall be your passage to the final leg of your clandestine journey.
The apex of your quest lies within the northeastern tower, where King Arnold himself resides, ensconced in his sanctum. It is here that your ultimate objective comes to fruition. With precision and determination, locate the concealed staircase that will grant you access to his inner sanctum, where the monarch awaits his fateful encounter. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, culminates in the decisive termination of King Arnold's reign.
Now you can suggest something from options. Feedback command removed.
Added an option in game option menu you can see changes, just press o
Decreased special teleporter price
increased health potion giving health
Ä°ncreased dammage for g36 pistol
Ä°ncreased health of black dragon
Fixed not shows how many machinegun ammo loaded in clan base
fixed not hits players sometimes.
now if double xp is active, it will also appear in shift l menu
If double credit is active, it will now appear in the shift l menu.
Now you can learn which clothes you are wearing from the menu on the shift l key.
When you purchase rw credit, If the double credit active, you will get it also automatical.
Fixed not entering to the clan base due to some errors.
Now double credit given you automatical if credit even is on.
Now super box give just tl. If you are paid account you will get tl between 12000, 20000, if you're not paid account you will get tl between 2000, 10000
Now you can delete your message with delete key. YOu can delete public general chat message and pms.
Ä°ncreased dammage of the all weapons
Fixed purchase system
fixed animals
fixed lasercannon
fixed big loader of barrett sniper rifle

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teoman wrote at 03/09/2023, 11:50 AM
Friends, this game is really good, I recommend you to play this game. I plan to play games when I buy a new computer.
teoman wrote at 03/12/2023, 12:08 PM
I'm glad there are so many players in this game.
Smurphie wrote at 04/06/2023, 07:33 PM
This game is sooooo fucking good! LOVE IT SO MUCH!
Trung wrote at 04/13/2023, 01:21 PM
Is the version downloaded from this site already Python, And if so, does the game recognize Unicode text format?
admin wrote at 04/16/2023, 10:51 PM
The game is in bgt so you still need to wait python version.Arnold wrote at 04/26/2023, 06:54 AM
Jesus Christ wrote at 04/27/2023, 07:09 PM
This post was deleted by Admin.
hamidali wrote at 08/24/2023, 11:01 AM
i cannot connect to the game
hamidali wrote at 08/24/2023, 11:03 AM
You are currently unable to connect to the server. The reason is the server is not active or there is a problem with your internet connection. Trying to login again...
admin wrote at 08/24/2023, 09:55 PM

You must wait, because we are in maintenance. Check the page some time, you will see the version of real world changed, 0.6 official version. WHen You see it, please download it.
hamidali wrote at 08/25/2023, 04:11 PM
yeah it is showing The server is currently under maintenance. Please try to login again later.
admin wrote at 08/27/2023, 12:22 AM

You must wait 10 to 15 hours, we will open within this time, thanks for your patient.
hamidali wrote at 08/27/2023, 07:34 AM
version 0.6

real_world:-Version 0.6. By nbm studios.

Your version is out of date. Please redownload the game from our website and then try to login again. If you think that your version is up to date, please contact with developers at
admin wrote at 08/28/2023, 04:06 AM

You can redownload the game again please.
hamidali wrote at 09/09/2023, 10:58 AM
I cannot connect to the game
eric wrote at 09/10/2023, 08:24 AM
The game has been reinstalled and cannot be connected to the game at all.
admin wrote at 09/12/2023, 07:52 PM

Please try again.
lk wrote at 09/26/2023, 10:58 PM
hello, I love playing again, I was banned from the game, I really regret what I said, I'm from Hungary, and this is one of my favorite games, the character's name is reudo3, please arnold what I mentioned, I'm sorry, what I said or did, and I didn't mean to disturb you, please forgive me, thank you in advance
ninhhoang wrote at 11/28/2023, 10:34 AM
please guide me to install Real World script for jaws screen reader
rtr_assassin wrote at 12/26/2023, 12:00 AM

I just started playing almost a week ago. So far, I've enjoyed killing polar bears.

However, there are serious imbalances that need some addressing.

Some of the animals are so powerful, that they can just kill you with one hit. There should be a more effective way to block and dodge attacks. Weapons could have multiple modes like in Swamp, or another key could be used to parry blows, especially with melee weapons like the knife, or machete. More melee weapons could also be added. Shields can only protect against bullets, so they don't do anything against melee weapons. There should be a way to dive to the side like in RTR.

Also, there should be a better way to start out in the game. Buying items from the store is alright, but if a player runs out of coins, they're stuck. Since no items spawn and cannot be acquired any other way, this can cause players to not make progress.
admin wrote at 01/04/2024, 10:29 PM

Thanks for your feedback. In the next update, we will consirate this requests.
ninhhoang wrote at 01/14/2024, 08:59 AM

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