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NBM Studios

A company that develops accessible games for the blind and VISUALLY impaired

Zero Hour Assault, - an 3d first person shooter for blinds!

Zero Hour Assault is a game where players can eliminate each other, form teams, earn score points, and use those points to upgrade their characters in future updates. While the game mechanics may differ slightly from other first-person shooter games, the core concept is straightforward. In the current version, your objective is to eliminate other players using bombs and weapons to earn score points. These points can be used in future updates to enhance your character's power and agility. If you are on a team in the current version, eliminating an opponent also earns your team a kill.

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Our game is currently a small project. You can make better sound libraries, better servers, and make developers happy by contributing to them! Remember, even a small donation shows your support. If you can't donate, just think that you will even make us happy for think about it!

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